FetchBoy Refund Policy!


FetchBoy is proprietary software is designed as 'shareware'. You can try the product before you buy it. It is expected that prior to purchase the customer has downloaded and run the software in evaluation mode in order to be certain that prior to purchasing it matches your needs.


If there is any deficiency in the software that affects its ability to recover your data, FetchBoy will, at its discretion, refund the purchase price within 30 days of purchase.

A refund is conditional upon the following criteria:

  • The Customer has run the software in evaluation mode prior to purchase
  • The technical deficiency does not occur in the evaluation mode
  • The technical operation is not available in evaluation mode
  • The failure is not caused by hardware problems
  • The customer must seek assistance from FetchBoy to try and solve the issue
  • The customer must provide FetchBoy with sufficient information in order for FetchBoy to reasonably investigate the matter with a view to identifying and rectifying the problem
  • FetchBoy Software Services Ltd is unable to supply replacement software that can rectify the problem within 7 days term from the date the problem was reported.

A refund is not satisfied if:

  • The Customer has not requested technical support before submitting refund request
  • The Customer has contacted technical support but has not provided sufficient information to identify the issue
  • The Customer has not followed the instructions given by support team in order to attempt to solve the issue
  • The Customer did not try the evaluation Software to check if their need was available in the software that was ordered
  • The operation was reported as having 'failed' is as being NOT available in the software (as per the software specification)
  • The request was sent after the term for the refund request had expired.


Technical support is available using the following methods:

  • Submit a support ticket


FetchBoy will refund software purchased by mistake if the software has not been activated.


  • If the customer ordered the wrong software edition by mistake, the software license can be replaced according to our Software Upgrade Policy;
  • If the customer has insufficient expertise to complete operations conducted by the software, FetchBoy Software Services Ltd may provide software support or paid assistance;
  • Alternatively instead of using the software the customer can choose to order the professional services of FetchBoy Software Serviced Ltd. In this case the cost of the purchased software we will deducted from the service fee.


We reserve the right to request an uninstall code to demonstrate that the software has been removed from a computer. We provide instructions as how to generate this code.