FetchBoy couldn't be more straightforward

You don't need to be an expert to use FetchBoy. It will walk you gently through a step-by-step process. You just tell it what to look for and where and it will do the rest. And if you are a business or you need some real expert retrieving done, then there are upgraded FetchBoy packages that will do the job.

FetchBoy works anywhere!

FetchBoy can be used on almost every platform. It will find files on your Windows PC, your Mac or your Linux and FreeBSD systems. Its single license means you don't have to worry about whether it is compatible with your system. FetchBoy has been tested and certified with Windows to ensure it does not cause crashes and other malfunctions. FetchBoy also handles all platforms in the same easy and friendly way.

FetchBoy finds everything!

Whatever size or type of file and on all kinds of memory, FetchBoy can retrieve it. It works on hard drives, over networks and the Internet and on devices like mp3 players, e-book readers, cameras and memory cards. As long as the memory isn't physically damaged, FetchBoy is going to find your lost files.

Free Evaluation and a choice of packages

Download the free Evaluation version of FetchBoy to put it to the test. If it finds what you are looking for you can then pay for the version you need, knowing that it is up to the job!


Value for money FetchBoy for use on a simple home computer system


Upgraded FetchBoy for more complex recovery.


FetchBoy for a business running a SAN with RAID storage

All the FetchBoy packages combine the same powerful technology and intuitive interface.